with Dr. Jim: New Atheists Arose because Secular Frame Problematized ushering in Jordan Peterson


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Dr Jim is back for another round. He always brings a lot of terrific insights and fresh ideas. Here are the notes. Sam Moral Evil vs natural evil Malcom Guite link https://malcolmguite.wordpress.com/2020/05/18/the-seventh-poem-in-my-corona-on-the-psalms/ COVID19 as natural evil Moral evil as weakness Less inclined to see the disobedience as the the thing Incompetence… Julian conversation https://youtu.be/ucjss0bm8lo Luke conversation https://youtu.be/tbQE4YuquQI 4 P’s Vervaeke need to be taken wholistically https://paulvanderklay.me/2020/01/10/vervaeke-4-ps-of-knowing-via-surok-on-discord/ Cigarette smoking Sam Harris David Bentley Hart on Beauty https://amzn.to/2LM4fxB Eric Weinstein… 19th century education was about developing taste Teaching taste was undermined by losing the canon Developing the skill to recognize quality (Sevilla) We need to get back to rhetoric rather than expository, talks about it as violence, impressing upon his audience as a sort of restraint. A normative command. He argues for going to rhetoric. Arguments that are aesthetic. The reason to choose something is that it has quality. The christian faith is the one that is better, it’s the beautiful. Jordan Peterson believe in God Deconstructed Eric’s conversation Andrew Root: secular age Naive belief Naive secularism New atheists come up because the secular frame has become problematic No apologists for a naive view. As soon as you see an apologist you know the frame is problematized. The secular frame has become problematized. That is a new phase. Roger Scruton Bob Dylan All along the Watchtower Lincoln’s second inaugural TaNahasi Coates ML King Jr. vision Missing historical perspective LSOO Revenant analysis LogosMadeFlesh James KA Smith

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