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It's been a while since Jonathan and I have had a conversation. We talked about the Jordan Peterson Wave, Jonathan's retreat from the IDW space, the absence felt of Jordan in that space. We hope that the September 2020 conference in Thunder Bay won't get cancelled. We talked about John Vervaeke's project a bit, the rise of stoicism, Orthodoxy and religion in the West. Jonathan's Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/pageaujonathan Donkey Kong https://youtu.be/6nQvVpLnZCw Lilith https://youtu.be/XMwrObsGGzE Pandemic positive aspect Forcing everybody to stop Acting like Sabbath and Jubilee IDW Breakdown of the West, affords opportunity Open spaces are happening, there’s more connectivity Possibility for a flip He took it out of the abstract, and choose a place, this thing here is where I’m not going to move. It was near arbitrary. This one is the one I’ll make my stand on. In terms of religion, he brings the evolutionary thinking to its inevitable conclusion It has to participate in the pattern. Same thing with consciousness. Attention, relevance realization Shattering the categories, forcing the scientific mind to see differently. People are still processing it. The effect of Jordan vanishing has been huge. Tradition and things that don’t fit. The metaphysics of Pepe, Invited to do an event in Toronto Blog edited by JP Marceau Christians lost the story Who are the Christians now, Lewis and Tolkien Give back the power of story telling. LSOO Every action is based on an end Consolidating The double inversion, The world manifests itself through intelligences Stoicism, The stoic doesn’t have to worship and they don’t worship Celebration is the beginning of reality. Worship is relevance realization Celebrating the disclosure of the source of how things come together and are one and exist in love Even non-theistic religions, if they posit the highest in terms of non-being, they still manifest as beings all the way down. Hierarchy of beings and intelligences, celebration, love, devotion. Douglas murray Exploding mind meme, about God Symbolism Pandemic Rod Dreher Honesty Blog: symbolic world.com articles

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