How DataSeers Is Creating Better Fintech-Sponsor Bank Relationships with Adwait Joshi


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Fintechs are the future. Banks represent tradition. And in between … is our data.

In this episode, we interviewed Adwait Joshi, Chief Seer (actual title) at DataSeers, a company dedicated to “creating simple solutions to handling complex data.”

Adwait has used data to solve pain points in healthcare, animal health, and, now, financial services. In this episode, he shared how DataSeers is using data to create win-win-wins for consumers, banks, and fintechs.

What we talked about:

  • Getting data out of silos
  • How to halt fraud (as it’s happening)
  • Stopping financial loss
  • Better fintech-sponsor bank relationships
  • Fintechs can utilize DataSeers as a plug & play for fraud monitoring
  • You can configure DataSeers for a variety of products
  • What’s on the horizon for financial services?
    • 1) Smaller community banks are becoming sponsor banks for fintechs
    • 2) Remittance will increase
    • 3) Global banking will increase
  • AML, fraud detection, monitoring, money laundering

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