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As a PCB designer, we're always looking for a better, faster and reliable way to get our job done. If the tool we're using does not have the required automation - we often end up using time consuming work-a-rounds to complete our projects. These work-a-rounds usually require error prone manual steps that can lead to longer design cycles which can impact project schedules. Though companies strive to pick the proper design tools that give them the technology they need to create designs, many don't always think about the next generation or emerging technologies.

Your PCB designs will inevitably change over the years as new technology allows you to create a smarter, more reliable and cost reduce product. As such, the tools we chose several years ago or perhaps the tool you are considering today may not have the capability or automation required for today's design. That is, a tool that can ensure that you meet all the design requirements, reliability and tight schedules required for today’s fast-paced technology world.

To see how PADS Professional’s PCB via, routing and constraint area capabilities empower you to accelerate PCB Design and ensure reliability to get you a competitive advantage in designing products check out the on-demand webinar and other resources listed below.

On-Demand Webinar: Routing Capabilities You Need to Accelerate PCB Design and Reliability

White Paper: Is Your PCB Design Tools up to Speed? (A Tool Comparison)

White Paper: 10 Reasons to Choose PADS Professional

Try for free: PADS Professional Evaluation Download

Student Version: PADS Professional Student Edition

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