Kate Smyth: Sports Naturopath


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Kate Smyth is an Australian marathon runner. She set her personal best time of 2:28:51, by finishing second at the 2008 Nagano Olympic Commemorative Marathon in Japan. At age thirty-five, she competed at 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, where she successfully finished the race with a time of 2:36:10. Kate also ran in the marathon at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, coming in seventh place. Taken from her website, athlete sanctuary; it says that Kate developed her passion for natural medicine during her career as an elite endurance athlete competing in the women’s marathon for Australia at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games and becoming one of the all-time fastest women in Australia. Her journey was not without challenges and she required the assistance of many holistic health practitioners from around the world, to overcome and manage multiple injuries, chronic fatigue and coeliac’s disease to progress from fun runner to Olympian in just eight years. She still runs most days albeit retired from serious competition. During her sporting career Kate identified the need for an holistic service tailored to the unique requirements of athletes and set about creating an innovative sports naturopathy service which offers natural, effective and non-invasive treatment options to athletes. Kate came onto the podcast to discuss the nutritional issues directly related to runners. Enjoy! So, what did you think? I was surprised to learn that 2 litres is the minimum you should drink! I thought I was doing so well to drink 1 and ½!! I need to work on that one obviously! What did you learn? Please let me know! Also, if you got value out of this podcast and would like me to interview Kate again, email or DM me or comment on the podcast post your questions and I will try to get those covered! I really enjoy creating this podcast, but of course it is truly a labour of love. The only payment I receive is your support in the form of subscriptions, ratings and reviews! The time I put in and the cost of the equipment I use is all mine, so I truly appreciate when you show that I am giving you some value. Thank you all. I am in the process of accepting new athletes into my coaching programs. If you are interested in getting some quality structured coaching, I have limited spaces available. Email me on Isobel@peakendurancecoaching.com.auor DM me on socials. Kate's website is here: https://athletesanctuary.com.au/ Have a great week, restrictions are easing but remember to keep doing the right thing!

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