EP140: The Two Paths of "Just Keep Going"


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Ever hear things like...

"just one more rep"

"just keep going"

"just one more mile"

There is a major issue with approaching your health and fitness transformation through the lens of "just keep going". Most people aren't aware of this, and they believe that if they just work out more often that they will see weight loss and body transformation results.

But how many people do you know that go to the gym or work out all the time and never actually seem to look any different? Maybe they're:

-Still overweight

-Not fit

-Not getting stronger

-Not getting leaner

But they think they're doing themselves a favor so they continue working out regularly with that "just keep going" mentality.

In this episode we're going to break into the two paths that spiral out from the mentality of "Just keep going".

Which one are you following?

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