Episode 10 - Lolli Ladybird's Got Spots!


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Oh no, it's back for series 2! Join me, your unintelligible host Pete Wells, as we journey through the glorious world of Sensory Stories! This episode we look at mental health as we go to the doctors with Lilli Ladybird! We have a lecture on the sense of proprioception and talk to Massage Story creator Mary Atkinson!

00:00:00 Intro 00:04:16 Lecture: Proprioception 00:14:25 Interview with Mary Atkinson 00:38:00 Lolli Ladybird's Got Spots Intro 00:40:46 Lolli Ladybird's Got Spots Sensory Story 00:43:07 Lolli Ladybird's Got Spots Breakdown 01:03:15 Lolli Ladybird's Got Spots Lesson ideas 01:08:03 Outro

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