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Hey guys

I wanted to put something out there about the changes I'm making. As some of you know there will be no more podcasts until further notice!!!

Due to the onset of this awful virus, the industry I work in (technology) is at boiling point and we are flooded with work. Please don't think I'm here to moan as I have a job that i'm so grateful for. It just means by the end of the day I have no energy to partake in photography or podcasting. Currently, its important to put the demands of others to the forefront.

By working in the I.T. industry it means I'm finally realistically helping people and keep their businesses running and staff in jobs. I don't think there has ever been a true need for remote working before, so I'm so so grateful.

Sorry there will not be any podcasts until further notice but i'm pretty sure you understand and the arts have to take a backstep. Once things calm down I will put time in to bringing you quality guests as always. But for you i'm in full blown mode to help people during the week. This weekend I have just spent relaxing in the garden with my family and not doing much, its been great.

Anyway, I hope you are safe and well, please follow the advice of your local government and don't take risks.

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