Episode 259 * Barbara Steffens, PhD


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Ever heard of codependency? Today Dr. Barbara Stephes shed some new light on the subject as she explores the topic with Nate and Aaron. Also, Aaron apologizes to the city of Tustin. As a more specific aspect of his apology, here are some words from a fellow Pirate Monk on the Subject. And thanks to Josh Manifold for picking some of the tunes the today's broadcast.

"On the Nov 8 edition of the PM podcast, you made some pretty strong statements about the beautiful town of Tustin, CA (as it relates to the planned SoCal Winter 2020 mini-retreat). I quote you from the episode: "Tustin is nowhere" "Tustin is in the middle of ugly LA" "Tustin is not cool" I believe you may have Tustin confused with a more sketchy burg here in the greater LA area. So, as to not scare potential SoCal Pirate Monks away from potentially attending the mini-retreat out here in February 2020, allow me to correct some of your misguided Tustin comments: "Tustin is nowhere" Located just 11 miles up the 55 Freeway from Newport Beach, CA, neighboring the populous cities of Irvine and Costa Mesa, and situated in the heart of Orange County (population 3.1 million), we'd hardly agree that it's a "nowhere" town.... "Tustin is in the middle of ugly LA" It's in Orange County, not in LA. There's a difference. Also see point 1 above, and final point which is: "Tustin is not cool" Besides being 15 mins from Newport Beach, 9 miles from Disneyland, and having countless dining and entertainment options....the city was chosen in 2009 by Forbes as one of the top 25 towns to live well in America. Would you call that "not cool"? I think not. Apologies to the good city and people of Tustin indeed are in order! OK, I apologize! I do love the areas mentioned that surround the beautiful city of Tustin. I repent!

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