Year of the Vagina Year-End Wrapup


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The Year of the Vagina is at an end. We have compiled all 26 segments, from Yay Therapy through Dreaming of a Black Christmas, into a bonus episode as a gift to you. Please be sure to share this 90 minute bit of edutainment with your friends!

Quick note: There is a SECRET CODE WORD tucked away in this episode. When you hear it, put it in an email and send it to One lucky winner will receive a copy of Jen Gunter’s awesome book, The Vagina Bible, plus a little bit of show swag!

In case you’re curious, the interstitial music in this bonus episode sticks with a bit of a YOTV theme. All the clips come from two recordings: It’s Tight Like That – Clara Smith, 1929 What’s That Smells Like Fish – Blind Boy Fuller, 1938

00:02:00 Basic anatomy 00:03:19 Scared of words 00:05:33 Regina talk, with Lisa and Sam from I Shake My Head 00:08:55 Vaginal durability, with Kim from People Are Wild 00:13:33 The Clitoris is AWESOME 00:16:48 China Bell, with Siana and Tricia from 2 Girls on a Bench 00:20:58 Throbbing Thumb, with Pitney 00:32:42 Parsley 00:34:52 V-Magic 00:37:16 Intro to Vagina Dentata 00:39:00 Opioids and sexual function 00:40:09 The Greeks, with Philippa and Jess from Everything is Awful Forever 00:43:39 Dental Dams 00:46:01 Vacuums Suck 00:47:14 G-Shot for the G-Spot 00:50:18 Bitey Vagina Demons, with Philippa and Jess from Everything is Awful Forever 00:54:07 Vaginal Flora 00:56:45 The Speculum 00:58:52 The Husband Stitch 01:01:40 Kegel Exercises 01:06:03 Eurotophobia, with author Ann Fox 01:09:19 Riding Broomsticks 01:12:55 Zombie Goo 01:16:19 Pubic Hair 01:18:58 The Devils Teat, with Philippa and Jess from Everything is Awful Forever 01:25:48 A Holiday Tune

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