PCCMI Morning Worship: 2020/10/18: The Chronological Life of Christ #84: The Value of A Soul


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The October 18th, 2020 Morning Worship Service at Plainfield Christian Church in Comstock Park, MI

Preacher: Bruce Wilson

Youth Minister: Brady Jester

Children’s Minister: Wade Harrier

Worship Leader: Katie Winstanley

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Songs: CCLI #2228009


The Chronological Life of Christ #84

Breaking Away From Galilee (3rd Year of Ministry)

The Value of A Soul


Mark 8:36-38

1 Peter 1:18


1. The Worth Of A Soul

What makes your soul so valuable?

1. According To Who Made It.

2. Because Of Its Demand.

3. The Durability.

2. The Tragic Waste Of The Soul.

A. You Couldn't Keep It.

B. It Still Would Not Satisfy You.

C. You'll Never Replace Your Soul.

a. It is an irreplaceable loss.

b. It is an irreversible loss.

c. It is an immeasurable loss.

d. It will be an inexcusable loss.

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