PCCMI Morning Worship: 2020/11/01: 8:30 AM Service: The Object of our Worship


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The November 1st, 2020 Morning Worship Service at Plainfield Christian Church in Comstock Park, MI

Preacher: Bruce Wilson
Youth Minister: Brady Jester
Children’s Minister: Wade Harrier
Worship Leader: Katie Winstanley

Songs: CCLI #2228009

Sermon: The Object of our Worship

Isaiah 6:1-5
Ezekiel 1:26-28
Revelation 1:13-16
Jonah 3
Revelation 19:9-10
Revelation 22:8-9
Acts 14:11-15
Ephesians 1:17
Exodus 5:2
Titus 1:16

A Special Message for the 8:30 AM service, since the Ordination of Wade Harrier will occupy the 10:45AM Service.
Who is it we Worship? Worship doesn’t happen till we consider God.
1. Surrender your Human Position
1. Fall on your Face (Bowing in reverence)
2. Raise Hands in Surrender before God
2. Cast Aside Other gods
1. Avoid Distractions from this world that take time from God.
2. Give Time to God in Worship.
3. Focus on God, who He is, what He’s done.
3. Respond with Praise and Obedience
1. Get to know Him

Surrender. Bow. Praise. Love. For God.

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