PCCMI Morning Worship: 2020/12/06: Brady Jester: Christmas Through The Eyes Of A Child


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The December 6th, 2020 Morning Worship Service at Plainfield Christian Church in Comstock Park, MI

Preacher: Bruce Wilson

Youth Minister: Brady Jester

Children’s Minister: Wade Harrier

Worship Leader: Katie Winstanley

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Songs: CCLI #2228009


Christmas Through The Eyes Of A Child


Luke 2:25-38


Do you get excited about the Christmas season?

- Even though there are only two children mentioned

In the Christmas story, there are two servants who Show us how to be Child Like.

Two Servants are: Simeon & Anna

Consolation - When comfort and salvation will come to the Jews through Their Messiah (king).

Redemption of Jerusalem holds the same theme as the Consolation of Israel.

Simeon and Anna know that Israel’s consolation

And Jerusalem’s redemption will be for the Whole world.

Christmas through the eyes of a Child means being Faithful while waiting on God And His promises.

Why should I be faithful while waiting for Jesus?

Reason #1 - We’re waiting with a purpose (Matt 28:18-20).

Reason #2 - You faithfulness now, means Faithful ones later. (Ps 71:18)

Take Home Questions:

• What are some Christmas traditions you celebrate by yourself of with your family?

• In your life specifically, what is making it difficult to wait on God and his promises?

• Can you name someone who’s faithfulness to God has influenced you?

• Who is someone you can influence with your faithfulness to God?

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