PCCMI Morning Worship: 2020/12/20: Christmas Sermon Series #4: Christmas Through Eyes of a Savior


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The December 20th, 2020 Morning Worship Service at Plainfield Christian Church in Comstock Park, MI

Preacher: Bruce Wilson

Youth Minister: Brady Jester

Children’s Minister: Wade Harrier

Worship Leader: Katie Winstanley

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Songs: CCLI #2228009


Christmas Sermon Series # 4

Christmas Through the Eyes of a Savior


Luke 2:1-20


1. Different Time.

2. Different Place.

3. Different Manner.

4. Different Parents.

You see we’re all about impressing people. God is about changing people.

We love to make as big a splash as possible, but God usually understates His involvement.

We’re proud; He’s humble.

Our way leads to conflict; His way leads to peace.

Our way always leads to futility; His way leads to fulfillment.

Our way leads to death; His way leads to eternal life.

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