Tonics and shrubs with Katheryn Langelier


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When I recorded this episode my main goal was learning more about tonics and shrubs and ways of making them. But as I prepare to release it, the concepts become especially relevant. The world is looking for smart ways of containing viral infection transmission. And in my mind, tonics and shrubs could definitely assist in that.

My today's guest is Katheryn Langelier. Kathi has been studying herbs for over 20 years. She is the founder and formulator of Herbal Revolution, the company providing high quality, herbal teas, delicious tonics, elixirs and shrubs.

Some of the major takeaways from our discussion:

  1. What are shrubs and tonics and what is the difference between them
  2. How are shrubs and tonics are made
  3. What do we need to know about the Free Fire Cider movement

Show Notes:

This episode's raffle includes elderberry elixir, a fire cider tonic and love your lungs tea.

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