Deeper Dive Season 2 Episode 3: Don’t Be a Barrier; Don’t Be a Bully!


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Deeper Dive Theme: Dawn, JWald and Pastor Joe reflect on the week of prayer and the creation of a church environment where all peoples are welcome. JWald also tries out a new intro.

Episode Title: Don’t Be a Barrier; Don’t Be a Bully!

Hosts: JWald & Dawn Williams

Guest: Pastor Joseph Salajan

Key text:


Current Event RoundTable:

How do you think the week of prayer went?

How should Christians approach the events around the inauguration?

Can you evaluate each sermon in the week of prayer series?

Dawn and JWald's Deeper Dive Questions to Pastor Joe:

What did you mean when you said we shouldn't be party first and Christians second?

Why did you spend so much time in Isaiah in your sermon?

Will people leave the church if the church is full of strife?

How did the church get to the point where Jesus had to throw out the bullies?

Can you clarify, is there a choice between being a barrier and a bully?

Date: January 20, 2020

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