PlayStation Rides Away From E3 2020 - Episode 144


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It’s the first episode for 2020 and PlayStation has decided to skip E3 already, possibly bring Horizon: Zero Dawn to PC and gather in San Franciso while they do it.

Dylan Blight:
Ashley Hobley:

Episode Timecodes:

00:10 - Hello
00:25 - The New Year
02:35 - Trophy Cabinet
02:50 - PlayStation Skips E3 2020
18:10 - Horizon: Zero Dawn Coming To PC?
25:10 - God of War 2 In Production Already?
27:05 - #PSPlusChallenge
30:20 - Best Selling PSN Games of 2019
37:50 - Top 10 Games of The Decade As Voted by PS Blog
40:05 - Several Sony Execs Gather in San Francisco
OUR VR WORLDS46:50 - Is PSVR2 Legit Coming With PS5 Launch
50:30 - Iron Man VR Delayed
54:25 - Wrap-Up

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