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Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 497 of the internet’s most favourite podcast that no one had ever heard of!

This week: frustration speaking; the circle of poo; guest birds; Corvid-3; the new gods; a noble garbage bird; cartoon animal problems; joke-alikes; all gain, no pain; inevitable alien destruction; tech vulnerable; long fall; evil deads; Spielberg – the mild-mannered maverick; comfortable action; you have to see this movie; what’s next for Indy; Time-Life books; the producer has an idea; ironic Wolverine; whither Toad; the god Pan showed up; recommended: The Wind in the Willows movie; children book’s not for children; discovering Michael Bublé; Canada is the new Japan; thanks for mentioning us; premium content; professional dad jokes; it’s time we worked out our differences; Dork Shadows – All About Eve; the Dark Shadows DVD box set sales pitch; vintage shows with vintage ads; Questions of the Week- Sneakers respond; ratings rated; where similarities end; intelligence means you’re not a dum-dum; “gifted” versus “on the spectrum”; let’s finally say “Boo, cocaine!”; and, finally, the perfect gift.

Question of the week: What is something you realy enjoyed as a kid, but no one seems to remember now?
Sub-question: What is a something promoted as being for children that is clearly not for children?

That West Side Story parody everyone is talking about:

If you don’t know the Andy Kaufman “incident” from the TV show Fridays, here it is:

And here is the fallout from that “incident”, the apology that appeared on next week’s show:

And the capper: “a year later” (actually about half a year), Kaufman was a special guest on Fridays and took the opportunity to introduce his fiancée, Kathie Sullivan (who really was a gospel singer who sang on The Lawrence Welk Show. This is not just a clip, but the whole show. You can see Kaufman’s bit at the 4:12 mark:

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