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Would you like to make money using your podcast? Today, I am going to take you through an actual coaching session where we develop revenue ideas for a non-traditional podcast.


Most people think there are two ways to make money with your podcast. You could sell ads and sponsorships if you have a huge audience. Or, you need to be a coach or expert in order to sell your courses and services.

If you can be a little creative with your brainstorming, you can find many unique ways to make money with any podcast.


Brandon Marsters is the co-host of Florida Focus: A College Football Podcast. Find it at FloridaFocusPodcast.com.

Brandon and his podcast partner would like to make a little money with their show. Enough money to cover the costs of the show would even be good.

The show is currently making just a few dollars a month from Patreon. When I say "a few", I mean about $12. Not quite enough to cover the expenses.

The show is into its third season with almost 90 episodes published. The podcast is all about college football in Florida. On this episode, Brandon and I create a variety of ways to leverage his podcast to make money.

There are a variety of unique ways to make money with your show. You simply need to be creative. These are just a few.

If you would like a free podcast strategy session like this one with Brandon, visit www.PodcastTalentCoach.com/coaching. I would be happy to talk with you and see how I can help.


That's how it works. You simply need to be creative.

Based on what Brandon told me, it sounds like we could make money with his podcast by giving fans something they can't get anywhere else.

He first needs to build his audience by creating listener interaction on the show.

Next, he can build his e-mail list in order to begin conversations with his audience. The list could be built using the free stuff he is giving to the Patreon members.


Once Brandon is engaged in conversation with his fans via e-mail, he just needs to find ways to give them what they want. Florida fans want experiences like meeting old players/coaches or tailgate parties. He could put on some events and charge money to get in the door.

Fans also want access. Brandon could get access to the news conferences by making connections with local media to use their content. He could then create a membership site to curate the info for fans.

Then the last thing – connect with people on social media. Direct message people to get them on the show. Let's not make them jump thru hoops.

If we do those things, we can create unique opportunities for his fans and allow the show to make money without having a course or coaching program to sell.

You need to find things that are in your wheelhouse. If you enjoy live events, create a live event. If not, find something else. If you enjoy writing, create a paid subscription. Memberships, curated content and experiences are a few other ways to make money. Then, use your podcast to promote it.


Making money with your show all begins with building an audience. I will show you how to do it. Visit www.PodcastTalentCoach.com/growth.

Thanks for being here. See you again next week.

Do you need help with your podcast? Get a free podcast strategy session at www.PodcastTalentCoach.com/coaching.

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