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On a coaching call the other day, I was asked about my most effective way to grow my audience. You can get more podcast engagement in 5 easy steps.


Over the last four months, I have been able to use this system to double my downloads and increase my e-mail list by 60%.

When I look back at some of the greatest personal and business successes in my life, I have to admit that I didn't achieve the majority of them alone. If you look at your own successes, I'm sure you will come to the same conclusion.

My audience doubled and my e-mail grew by doing one thing. I partnered with others. Two minds are better than one.

Over the past four months, I have appeared on summits, on podcasts and in giveaways. I have leveraged the audience of others to grow incredibly fast.

I have always believed that my ability to develop long-lasting relationships and build mutually beneficial partnerships with others is my secret superpower.

Strategic partnerships are the most powerful way to scale any venture.

Find people who can help you double your results. Connect and collaborate.


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This will be my third time attending Collaborate. It happens on Zoom and it is a lot of fun, even if networking makes you uncomfortable.

At the beginning of event, you will learn how to refine your collaborating pitch. You learn how to tell others what you do and how to explain what makes a great partner for you.

Then over the weekend, you will take part in about 20 small networking circles. These are groups of about 8 people. Everyone gets 2 minutes to explain what they do and how they can partner. If someone sounds like a great partner for you, the two of you agree to exchange info and connect at a later date.

The first time I attended, I met 40 people that made sense as partners for me. This is how I've been part of summits, giveaways and podcasts. It was great.

At the next event, I decided to be much more selective on my partner selections. I still found 20 people as potential partners.

What could 20 partners help you accomplish in the next year? If you had 20 people promoting your podcast and programs to their audience, how could your audience and engagement grow?

Here is your chance to make those connections. Visit www.podcasttalentcoach.com/collaborate.


Let's talk about the five steps to create engagement with your audience.

These steps are going to sound easy. The concepts are easy to understand. You simply need to be diligent and consistent about implementing each.


First, ask for engagement. If you want engagement, you must ask.

Your audience won't engage with your show unless you ask them to do so. If you want them to e-mail you, ask. If you want them to share the show with others, tell them how.

People don't know what you want unless you tell them. Be specific.


That bring up the second step. Offer an example. Show them what engagement looks like.

Many podcasters say, "Find the details in the show notes." I listened to podcasts for about 3 years before I figured out where I could find the show notes.

Don't assume people know how to subscribe to your show. Your listeners may not know where to find your show notes. If you want them to e-mail their questions, show them an example of a great question.


The third step is the ease of engagement. Make it easy for your listeners to engage.

Nobody wants to jump through 3 hoops to help you. "Visit the website. Click about. Scroll down a third of the page. Look on the right and find the green button. Click that and visit that webform. Fill out the form and click submit. Check your e-mail for the link you'll get. Click that link and submit your question."

You lost me at scroll down. If it isn't easy, you won't get action.

Easy also means FEWER options. Many people think more options are better. That is false.

If I suggest you e-mail me, text me or visit the website to submit your question, you now have to decide which is better for you. This is just more work.

More decisions mean your listener needs to evaluate the options, decide which is best for them, and then take action. Too much work.

If you have multiple options, rotate them through different episodes. Offer the e-mail this week and the texting next week.


The fourth step is engagement location. Engage where they are.

If you listeners love chatting on Facebook, don't try to get them to comment on your YouTube channel. When your listeners are comfortable e-mailing you, stick with it. Don't waste your time trying to get them to text you if that isn't their preferred method of communication.

You need to get out of your comfort zone and go play where your listeners play. If they are in Facebook groups, be seen in Facebook groups. If there is another podcast they love, find ways to partner with that podcast. Be where your listeners are.


Finally, include a benefit to engagement. This is the fifth step.

A benefit could be a lead magnet or other piece of value they receive for engaging. Maybe everyone who e-mails you receives your checklist or cheat sheet.

Benefit could also simply be highlighting them on the show or answering their question. When you answer their question, give them love. Direct people to them.

When engagement benefits the listeners, they are more likely to engage.


If you would like a ton of engagement ideas, I have created a resource for you. It is 75 Ways To Drive Engagement With Your Podcast. You can get it at www.podcasttalentcoach.com/engage.

The ideas are separated into half a dozen different categories. Here are 8 of those ideas.

  • Run for office by meeting as many people as possible. People vote for those they have met.
  • Ask great questions.
  • Have listeners submit questions for question of the week. They get attention.
  • Create a crowdsourced episode.
  • Include a link to engage in your e-mail signature.
  • Ask your listeners to share.
  • Create community. Highlight members.
  • Create partnerships to promote each other.

Get more on the idea list at www.podcasttalentcoach.com/engage.

Come join me at Collaborate. It will be the best 3 days you could spend to make the next year larger and more successful that you can imagine. Get all the details at www.podcasttalentcoach.com/collaborate. I can't wait to see what you accomplish.

Let's turn your information into engaging entertainment.

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