Episode 289 – WandaVision catchup, Mortal Kombat trailer, Disney and Muppets


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As we continue on the road to 300, we cover a variety of topics. Springtime is around the corner and with that is a slew of movies and TV shows. Trailers are being released on a weekly basis as well as the anticipation of what’s in store in the MCU, there is plenty of content to speak about. With all the new content, WandaVision continues to be front and center.

As we approach the end of WandaVision, the story is starting to unravel. The chess pieces are moving a lot more and secret players are inching closer to being revealed. There was a bombshell dropped in the latest episode but was it really a surprise? Is the podcast still holding on to their predictions or has someone started to switch sides? It seems as the show answers some questions, twice as more questions are formed. See what we have to say and with 2 episodes left, you can be certain that it will get intense.

The next topic was a throwback remade. That is the remake of Mortal Kombat.

So what did we think of the trailer that was released? Was it a let down to the original or has it step up to the plate and hit a home run? There was a plethora of characters showcased and the podcast wants to know will there be more? Some very important questions are asked and we try our best to answer them all.

Finally there was some news revolving around the old school Muppet Show.

You will be surprise (or maybe not) of the news Disney+ released. It rocked the Disney world. We won’t tell you what it is on this post so you will have to tune in to find out what it was.

This was a very exciting episode and as we approach the end of WandaVision as well as all the new content that is coming out, it will only get better. Don’t take our word for it. Join us every Tuesday on Facebook at 9pm

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