Episode 295 – 90’s JLA & Avengers recast, US Agent, Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead trailer


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It’s almost here! We are getting close! You need to get ready! What is this you ask? Episode 300 is right around the corner. It’s only a month away. Make sure you mark your calendars. In the meantime, lets jump into the current episode; 295. What are the topics we talked about this week? Let’s dive right in.

We can not go through an episode without talking about Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

We are more than half way through the series. The questions are starting to grow. There isn’t any lack of action but there seems to be more bad guys. Something pretty monumental happens at the end of this episode. Has Gamegod come full circle and accepted the fact that Falcon and the Winter Soldier is better than WandaVision? Is the show getting better or is it as predictable as it was when it first started? One thing is for sure, we can’t wait for the next episode whether you like it or not.

We always try to bring you the latest news and in those case is Zach Snyder’s Army of the Dead.

Is this the year of Zach Snyder? It seems as though he is the hot topic. Also have you seen the cast for this movie? We discuss this. Some say this is the new and improve zombie. Others say zombies are old news. One thing is for sure is this movie looks like a video game. That is exciting. Tune in and get the details behind this trailer.

As we close out the episode, we always like to bring something opinionated. Well whats more opinionated than a 90’s cast of the Justice league and MCU.

Are these castings correct? Can you see these actors in these roles? Maybe you have someone different in mind. We sure did. You have to hear this and some of our choices. Somehow and someway, Jonathan Taylor Thomas made this list. Who would he be? Listen to find out.

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