Episode 078 | Pro training tips with Chad Fortenberry | Part 2


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Chad and I talked for so long, that when I looked down at the recording at the end, it showed nearly two hours. And I think that’s the best part of aviation. And podcasting too, actually. The idea that we can get all into a bunch of different topics, and go with it for that long, and not only have a great time, but share a ton of useful information too.

I’m sure you’ve got at least one opinion on something you’ve heard today. So, If you want to weigh in on what Chad and I talked about, I can’t wait to hear from you, make sure to shoot me an email at Brandon@podcastingonaplane.com

Topics discussed:

  1. Energy management
  2. Stabilized approaches are not optional
  3. How to think ahead of the airplane
  4. The 5 A’s
  5. The “Rule of 3” and how many ways you can use it
  6. How to REALLY do a checklist properly and easily
  7. Changing your perspective - Why becoming a CFI is a bridge to becoming a real PRO
  8. Listener question from PATRON Hans Cathcart

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