Episode 080 | Flying single pilot from India with Deanna Wallace


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In flying, I think everybody more or less falls into two camps. Camp 1: Those that are there for adventure, and Camp 2: those who aren’t.

Some people crave a little uncertainty, and the others want to use their OCD to avoid anything of the sort.

Today’s guest, quote/unquote “Baller Pilot” Deanna Wallace is really going to put the World In Air World, because she’s seen a great deal of it, for better or for worse, from the best vantage point there is... a sketchy turboprop you just picked up that needs to get somewhere fast.

Ok, so maybe it’s not the absolute best way to see the world, but that’s just my Camp 2 narrative talking.

Deanna, well, she lives firmly in camp one, and I think that’s pretty cool, and by the end of today, I think you will too. Especially after she shares one of the best “how I got into flying” stories I’ve heard. And it’s shares more than a little bit with my own.

Plus, there’s the whole line guy foot fetish story ….. so yeah…

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