AITM Episode 41 - Fishing For Fogs


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Super Fun Tabletop presents: Adventures in the Millennium! A Pokemon Tabletop United Campaign

Act 4: Blinded Me With Science

Tanner takes the reins as DM of this PTU story. Joining him are Lindsay as Belle (A Former Rocket grunt from Vermillion City. She continues to look for redemption, while being a thorn in the side of her old friend Starr), Duncan as Gabriel (The kind-hearted kid from Sandgem Town, who may have found his calling in Pokemon Contest), and Ryan as Julian (The Malie City DJ, who is on the hunt for answers of his parents disappearance).

The gang find themeselves back on the road to Jubilife. Traveling with Mikhael, they stop by a lake to do some fishing… and we all know how well that goes.

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Songs Used:

OC ReMix #1650: Pokémon Red Version ‘Clairvoyant Eulogy’ [Theme of Lavender Town] by The Orichalcon

OC ReMix #2256: Pokémon Diamond Version ‘May I Have This Swords Dance?’ [Canalave City (Day)]

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