48: Conor Lamb on Biden's Everyman Appeal and Rashawn Ray on the Aftershock of Kenosha


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Any opponent of Donald Trump has their work cut out for them, as his use of disinformation, dishonesty and disorder are unprecedented. So the U.S. representative from Pennsylvania's 17th congressional district Conor Lamb fully understands the rough road ahead for Vice President Biden over the next few months. Yet Lamb also is keenly aware of the candidate's realist perspective, and just how useful that will be for campaigning in the part of his state often referred as "Trump country." Plus Dr. Rashawn Ray, a David M. Rubenstein Fellow in Governance Studies at The Brookings Institution and Professor of Sociology and Executive Director of the Lab for Applied Social Science Research at the University of Maryland, College Park lends his considerable expertise to the conversation on what should be done in the wake of the protests throughout the nation.

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