Ep. 005: Emily Schromm


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I first learned of Emily Schromm during her time on Real World: DC, an MTV season that premiered in 2009. Under normal circumstances, reality television would be a highlight. For her, it’s a distant footnote. Shortly after her stint with MTV, she became friends with my wife – Lindsey Smith – two strong women with a shared passion for elite fitness.

From her site:

Emily Schromm is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, personal trainer and serial entrepreneur who helps others empower themselves by way of food and movement. Her journey with nutrition began after realizing she could use food to heal from the inside out, and her passion for teaching others how to do the same, specializing in gut heath, adrenal repair and herbal remedies, has led to a career spanning five companies and three verticals of business including online programming, physical products and a brick and mortar gym, Platform Strength in RINO, Denver. She most recently self-published her first book, The Process, and launched an online monthly digital publication, EMPRESS.

Since her time as a fitness entrepreneur, Emily has evolved into a media and commerce professional. But before that, she accomplished something that few of us have: professional and social balance. The project that she runs today is representative of this balance. A philosophy that she describes in her book, “The Process.”

Emily has accomplished a great deal as a bootstrapped direct-to-consumer founder. She’s a consummate learner and a deep generalist. But by the end of this episode, you’ll learn that she’s just beginning. One thing you’ll hear is that it’s free-flowing and friendly. It’s as if we’ve known one another for a long time – even if we’ve forgotten how we met. Enjoy our conversation.

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