Episode 131: Utilizing Salt & UV as Alternative Sanitizer Solutions with John Rotundo & John Watt of Pentair


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In this episode, we welcome John Rotundo & John Watt of Pentair to discuss the utilization of salt and UV systems as alternative sanitizer solutions. As our industry continues to navigate through the chlorine tab shortage, it’s good to look at other proven methods of pool and spa sanitization.

We break down how exactly salt systems work, when and how to clean a salt cell, including important safety measures to be aware of, why calcium flakes happen, and how they are intended to be used with automation. The guys also discuss the differences between the IntelliChlor and iChlor and the many benefits of switching to a salt pool, such as the level of safety and efficiency and the surprisingly soft feeling the salt gives to your skin and hair.

We then detail how UV systems work and how to properly maintain UV bulbs and the BioShield UV System, as well as how this system can be used to eliminate harmful chloramines in the water. UV sanitization is not only a growing trend in our industry but one that is being heavily utilized all over the world.

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