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We welcome Emily Gray Tedrowe to Pop Fiction Women to discuss her new novel The Talented Miss Farwell. We begin with the do-not-miss fascinating real life story that inspired Emily's novel.

*** We love a good double life slash con-artist story and Emily has turned the whole genre on its head with Becky -- or Reba -- Farwell. (04:14)

*** Becky's choices -- even the ones that come as a result of coincidence -- are so layered. Carinn digs into Emily's writing process and how her editor gave her Becky's touchstone. (08:13).

*** Becky Farwell is certainly a complicated woman. We discuss how Emily saw these conflicts and contradictions, and whether Becky believes she's a criminal. We also discuss what makes Becky relatable even though her life is so different from ours on the surface. (11:37)

*** Becky Farwell has a fulfilling and exciting life and yet - fake gasp! - there's no romantic relationship at the center of her life. Emily explains why she intentionally avoided the domestic realm for Becky. Emily shares where some of the inspiration behind the sweetest details of the friendship between Becky and Ingrid. (16:52)

*** Emily shares the complicated (anonymous) woman who inspires her. (20:48)

*** Emily's Instagram labels her -- in word and deed -- as a novelist runner. Kate and Emily have so much to gush about here, and Carinn reveals her pandemic discovery. (24:44)

*** Emily elaborates on the witches in her acknowledgements and no surprise to us, that just means a safe environment where a private group can get really honest and vulnerable. That leads us perfectly into a discussion of tarot and astrology. (30:00)

*** Even though Emily's interview has been full of generous recommendations, we ask her what she's loving right now in the world of creative women and her answers do not disappoint. (39:00)

Stay Complicated!

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