'Father of the Bride' (and 3 (ish)) & Nancy Meyers


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SPOILERS for the Nancy Meyers remake and Father of the Bride 3 (ish)

*** While this may be a departure from our recent choices, Carinn and Kate share what they love about this classic, simple, sweet movie. (01:36)

*** Who do we relate to? Kate has an unlikely choice and Carinn has a unique angle on Annie Banks. (09:50)

*** Best Scenes. After describing the opening as an “adult Willy Wonka” we talk about the first big monologue, the moment Annie reveals she is getting married, the backyard basketball scene, the iconic hot dog diatribe, and the gift of the blender! (13:30)

*** Picky Nits. We weren’t going to do cringey scenes, but turns out no matter how much we love this movie we still have some nits to pick! (32:15)

*** What’s Your Damage, Heather has become what damage did this movie cause for us? Turns out...a lot! We’re back on the couch discussing daddy issues, mommy issues, money issues, and marital delusions. (36:30)

*** What She Said. Nancy Meyers is a favorite of ours since covering Something’s Gotta Give. We share a few gems from her as well as what she said about the impetus for the recent reunion. Turns out some good can come from the pandemic! (52:33)

*** Crystal Ball. We didn’t need to look into our own crystal ball since Nancy Meyers happily gave us Father of the Bride, Part 3(ish). This was the impetus that made us want to cover this. Florence Pugh, Ben Platt, Robert Deniro!? Yes please! (61:00)

*** Takeaways. Carinn cheats and talks about who won the movie, sharing the profound ways the music from this movie infected her own wedding. Kate waxes on about the parent child bond. (69:27)

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