Foodie Love Recap: Episodes 7 & 8 by Isabel Coixet


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The series comes to an end successfully conveying what Isabel Coixet wanted: “love is a very complex feeling, it’s about losing yourself in the other person and that is a never-ending journey.” We loved going on this journey with her!

*** Our couple is officially a couple and they are on their first road trip. Things get dicey when he asks her if she ever thought about having kids, but then they have some sweet, playful moments on their journey through France. When he asks her if she trusts the algorithm that brought them together, she inserts the concept of choice and we get to discuss our favorite theme of fate vs free will. (01:36)

*** Things go downhill when they arrive at their hotel and find it under renovation and with the famed restaurant they came for closed. He has a meltdown and she shares a life philosophy: “Life is short (comma) very short.” (08:00)

*** We love how the episode ends: an amazing Anthony Bourdain quote, a quintessential French crepe truck, and a discussion about intimacy. (13:43)

*** Episode 8, the finale, is called “An Offering of Tobacco, Beer and Chocolate” and it’s A LOT. Jun’s backstory is finally revealed and we debate whether it needed to be quite so devastating. Like Normal People, Kate can’t hear any criticism -- she just felt sooo much and thought the entire episode was so beautiful. (15:10)

*** The episode begins with him waiting for her in a movie theatre where he has unwittingly chosen a black and white movie about Hiroshima, which devastates her. This again brings up comparisons to Marianne & Connell as the two struggle with what they are not saying, and how they keep missing each other in big, deeply vulnerable ways. (18:06)

*** She goes to Japan and begins to unravel her “deep fucking sorrow” and reveals it to us in her own words. Meanwhile, he’s home, depressed and tortured, visiting all their old spots. (21:18)

*** She takes us on the journey of her and Jun’s relationship and we wrestle with some big issues: was she really in love with Jun? Why would she agree to marry him? To have his child? This leads us to a debate about whether this trauma with Jun is the only thing in the way of our couple being together or whether her trauma and barriers go much deeper. (25:24)

*** There is no doubt that the love between our leads is what unlocked her trauma, but will they ever find “amae”, the Japanese concept describing balance in a relationship? And is that even the goal? When she says that guilt is stronger than love, stronger than the pain, Carinn totally relates but Kate just can’t imagine guilt ever being stronger than love. (36:00)

*** The show goes out with a “BOOM” and we agree that it’s a perfect ending. Kate brings it back to Normal People and as usual she is hopeful, but Carinn could see it going either way. (41:40)

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