Still Complicated: Luckiest Girl Alive & Jessica Knoll


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We've re-edited one of our very first episodes to revisit Ani Fanelli and Jessica Knoll, one of our all-time favorite authors.

*** What makes Ani Fanelli complicated? Carinn thinks Ani is a “little too good” (honestly, none of this drives her to murder?), where Kate thinks her outer smile and her inner rage is exactly what makes her complicated and multi-dimensional. (03:20)

*** Ani’s best scenes. We return to our theme of being seen (hello Mr. Larsen). We also highlight the brilliance of Jessica Knoll’s ability to write biting snark. (12:00)

*** We play arm-chair therapist in What’s Your Damage, Heather? An homage to the iconic line in Winona Rider’s Heathers, we discuss how Ani got to be the way she is. Her mother? Her traumatic experiences? The insular and sometimes suffocating nature of small school life? (30:46)

*** We tell you What She Said, the segment where we share some of our favorite first person quotes from the author of Luckiest Girl Alive. Carinn talks about the way Jessica Knoll’s admission of the autobiographical elements of her own pain shed light on the hurt beneath Ani’s facade. Kate is fascinated by Jessica Knoll’s love of money and unabashed ambition, as well as her desire to smash the wellness industry. (35:40)

*** Gaze into our Crystal Ball. Have you ever wondered where Ani ended up after the book was over? Carinn sets the primer for Ani becoming Amy Dunne while Kate sees a perfect reality TV angle for Ani. (52:20)

*** Takeaway. Carinn compares her re-read of LGA to THREE WOMEN and KNOW MY NAME, examining the different trajectories a woman can take after suffering sexual trauma, and Kate wonders if she lacked empathy for Ani the first time she read it or whether the national dialogue around women has come a long way in a short time. (60:00)

Stay Complicated!

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