Ep 196: Fleet management with Rebecca Hall (HH Driveright, JMHC Logistics)


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Rebecca Hall, founder and director of fleet management, compliance and driver safety tool HH Driveright and courier firm JMHC, joins me to discuss modern fleet management - especially in the age of COVID-19:

  • How JMHC started out as a single van and grew to a national fleet of 500 vehicles
  • The importance of fleet management, including safety
  • The fleet management response to COVID-19, including:
    • Vehicle servicing and repairs
    • Sourcing backup vehicles
    • In-house vehicle maintenance
    • Causes of road accidents during the pandemic
    • Road congestion and vehicle speed
    • Coaching good driving behaviour
  • Using HH Driveright to check drivers are right to work
  • Monitoring vehicle defects
  • Managing fleet accidents remotely - and quickly
  • Employee drivers and owner/drivers in the same fleet
  • Vehicle theft - causes and prevention
  • Regulation of the light vehicle fleet
  • Standard of vehicle - driven by the customer
  • Being a professional driver… not just someone who drives a van
  • Driver response to this style of fleet management
  • Retaining drivers
  • Owner/drivers and the grey fleet

Click here to visit the HH Driveright website for more information about modern fleet management.

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