Ep 198: Speed vs cost vs green with Chloë Thomas


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Author, podcast host, and host of the eCommerce MasterPlan podcast Chloë Thomas returns to talk about e-commerce delivery from a retailer and customer perspective. We cover:

  • Speed vs cost vs green
  • Giving customers what they want… and paying for it!
  • Changing consumer expectations thanks to That Virus
  • Will customers still want fast delivery? Or will it depend on the product category?
  • Customers switching to online purchasing - and post-pandemic buying habits
  • Consumer backlash - customer service at e-commerce retailers being overwhelmed by complaints (which are often delivery-related)
  • Communicating with customers and using interactive delivery management (IDM) to allow customers to manage their deliveries
  • Best practice in in-flight communications
  • Pro-active post-purchase communications with customers
  • Reducing customer complaints
  • Reducing returns
  • Do retailers think they have to compete with Amazon?
  • Retailers’ awareness of the environmental impact of e-commerce delivery - including packaging and returns
  • Consolidating e-commerce deliveries (e.g. Amazon Day)
  • Green delivery slots - and nudge behaviour
  • Alternative delivery modes (e.g. parcel lockers, deliver to neighbour, safe place)
  • Dealing with returns
  • How the pandemic is changing e-commerce returns
  • Chlöe’s bold predictions for the future of e-commerce!

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