Ep 200: Delivery in city centres, and the social role of the post


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Marek Ròżycki, managing partner at Last Mile Experts - and one half of the Last Mile Prophets - joins me to talk about how city centres are changing during the pandemic:

  • Cities closing off lanes and parking zones
  • Creation of bicycle lanes and pedestrian zones
  • Role of electric vehicles in city centre delivery
  • Out-of-home delivery, including parcel lockers
  • Local authorities’ role in creating carrier-agnostic delivery infrastructure
  • Maintaining capacity for growing e-commerce parcel volumes
  • The war on white vans

Then James Hale, manager of the postal social services project at the UPU, talks about how postal operators have been helping local communities around the world:

  • Background to the project
  • Researching social services offered by various postal operators - in addition to their core services
  • Separating additional social services from existing universal (or community) service obligations
  • What posts have done to help governments and populations to help respond to the pandemic
  • Benchmarking to help posts offer social services
  • Three case studies:
    • An Post - new home-checking service
    • La Poste - helping delivery and collect educational materials
    • Australia Post - home delivery of medicines

Click here for more information about these three case studies on the UPU website.

Visit the project’s page on the UPU website.

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