Ep 201: Modern parcel tracking and the customer experience


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Bertrand Späth, co-founder of active tracking provider Kizy Tracking, discusses creating a modern tracking solution and enhancing the customer experience:

  • Creating best-in-class customer tracking
  • Transparency in cross-border shipping
  • Customer expectations - especially younger digital natives' expectations
  • Current problems with parcel tracking, including:
    • Visibility
    • Quality of data
    • Passive barcode scanning systems
    • Missing scans
  • Creating a great customer experience with parcel tracking
  • Active tracking
    • Kizy's active tracking solution for letters and parcels
    • Affordable active tracking
    • Weight and quality of service
    • Cross-border shipments
  • Security of parcels - even when being handled by partner networks
  • Reusable technology
  • Case study on how active tracking helped clear international bottlenecks
  • Theft detection
  • Measuring delivery network performance
  • The future of tracking
    • Need for transparency
    • Global services
    • 5G and other tech advances
  • Managing tracking data
  • Active tracking enhancing delivery services

Visit kizytracking.com for more information.

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