Ep 208: The universal parcel locker concept


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Dean Maciuba, Director Consulting Services at Logistics Trends & Insights, joins me to discuss the universal parcel locker concept:

  • Defining a Universal Parcel Locker (UPL) network
    • Managing the physical network
    • Parcels from different carriers and merchants
  • Post-pandemic parcel volumes - implications for a UPL network
  • Current parcel locker networks in the USA
  • Access points (PUDOs) being set up in lieu of parcel lockers
  • Contactless delivery and PUDOs/lockers
  • Cost of lockers used by FedEx and UPS in the USA
  • The race to reduce delivery costs (in part driven by Amazon)
  • What sort of locker solution might the US Postal Service
  • The US Postal Service’s existing parcel locker network - called GoPost
  • The USPS hosting a carrier-agnostic Universal Parcel Locker network
  • Existing Parcel Select service
  • Would carriers and e-commerce merchants pay the USPS to deliver to parcel lockers?
  • Co-locating parcel lockers near a post office
  • How postal operators can use parcel lockers
  • Locations of USPS post offices
  • Driving revenue and foot traffic at post offices
  • Parcel surcharges for peak season (USPS, FedEx, UPS) - including volume-based surcharges
  • Hiring surge in the US delivery sector
  • Who will cover costs of parcel surcharges?
  • What a Universal Parcel Locker network might mean for parcel costs in the USA
  • Added bonus: Ian solves the peak season problem for the USA

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