Ep 210: NZ Post and parcel volumes during lockdown


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Chris Wong, General Manager Business Marketing NZ Post, joins me to talk about shopping behaviour and parcel volumes during the pandemic:

  • Key events that stimulated surges in e-commerce parcel volumes
  • The impact of lockdown (and the closure of businesses) on parcel volumes
  • New online shoppers and established online shoppers - and what will be the effects on customer behaviour
  • Online as a share of total retail spend in New Zealand
  • Retail categories that accelerated during and post-lockdown
  • Increases in weekly spend in online groceries
  • How clothing and electronics performed - and what drove those changes
  • Surge in buying locally during 2020
  • Major players in NZ e-commerce, including marketplaces, pureplay online retailers, and omnichannel retailers … and the group that grew the most during the lockdown
  • NZ Post delivery initiatives to cope with the pandemic, including contactless delivery, distancing requirements, and clarity on tracking and notifications services
  • Investments in NZ Post’s parcel and delivery network to increase network capacity
  • Balancing the load across parcel processing network

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