Ep 211: How the US Postal Service became a political football


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How did the US Postal Service become a political football? And what happens next? Analysis from John Callan of Ursa Major Associates:

  • Pre-paying pension obligations
  • No governors on the US Postal Service board
  • 2018 taskforce report and hints at privatisation
  • President Trump and Amazon - and Jeff Bezos
  • The USA’s stoush with the UPU over terminal dues
  • Megan Brennan’s retirement as USPS Postmaster General - did she jump or was she pushed?
  • The make-up of the US Postal Service board of governors
  • Relief funding for the US Postal Service during the pandemic (CARES Act) and the terms of that “loan”
  • President Trump’s pressure on the USPS to increase parcel rates
  • The influence of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin
  • Parcel volumes, revenues and margins… and the revelation that Amazon is a profitable parcel for the US Postal Service!
  • Appointment of the new Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy:
    • The executive search agency’s shortlist
    • How DeJoy’s name was put to the USPS Board
    • DeJoy’s background in logistics
  • USPS Governor David Williams’ resignation
  • The USPS executive reorganisation
  • Trucks leaving on time! And reducing overtime payments to employees.
  • Eliminating street posting boxes
  • Lack of clear communication from the USPS on changes to delivery
  • DeJoy’s management style
  • Consultation and the decision-making process
  • Congressional hearings
  • Failure of Congress to deliver reform
  • Postal ballots / voting by mail
  • Will DeJoy continue in the face of this political furore?
  • After all the political fighting is over, what happens next? Will any of these politicians carrying on about the USPS be able to address the core issues affecting the USPS?
  • Privatisation of the US Postal Service (through work sharing, or outsourcing)
  • If DeJoy resigns or is forced out, who would take over?
  • And in closing… gopost (the USPS parcel locker network) and the concept of a carrier-agnostic universal parcel locker service (refer episode 208)

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