Ep 216: pandemic shipping and shopping trends, with LaserShip CCO Josh Dinneen


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Josh Dinneen, Chief Commercial Officer at LaserShip, joins me to discuss research into shopping trends during the pandemic - and what all that means for the delivery sector:

  • Older generations embracing ecommerce
  • Indicators for continued strength in parcel volumes
  • Retailers going bankrupt and store closures during the pandemic, compared to online fulfilment
  • Customer preferences and behaviours relating to shipping costs
  • Free shipping: is it now a basic requirement?
  • Is free delivery incompatible with fast delivery?
  • Customer expectations on speed by generation
  • How retailers can differentiate their delivery options
  • Delivery satisfaction
  • Delivery’s role in retaining customers
  • What customers want from the delivery experience
  • B2C delivery preferences - including time windows
  • Virtual proof of delivery
  • Predictions for peak season - including retailers bringing sales forward to make it an elongated peak
  • Post-Christmas sales

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