Ep 223: Subscription models and delivery


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Jonathan Reeve, General Manager APAC at Eagle Eye, joins me to talk about e-commerce, subscription models, and the role of delivery companies:

  • The origins of subscription services, e.g. milk and newspapers
  • What make a good subscription service?
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Recycling packaging
  • Benefits to the customer of Amazon Prime
  • Variations of Amazon Prime, including Wardrobe
  • Competing subscription programmes, such as Walmart +
  • Is it a mistake to try to compete with Amazon?
  • E-commerce retailers managing digital connection with customers
  • The digital initiative behind Amazon establishing a retail footprint
  • Is click-and-collect (BOPIS) forcing retailers to get more information about their customers?
  • Food retail chain Pret a Manger’s subscription model
  • What will subscription programmes mean for customer purchasing and delivery behaviour?
  • Trends in grocery delivery – including same-day and next-day
  • How delivery companies can position themselves to be the delivery partner for subscription services

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