Ep 224: E-commerce returns - Walmart, FedEx, and more


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Dean Maciuba, Managing Partner North America at Last Mile Experts, joins me to discuss recent developments in e-commerce returns from Walmart, FedEx, Amazon, and more:

  • Walmart allowing customers to return online purchases without leaving the home
  • Walmart’s partnership with FedEx - including returns
  • Who is paying for free collection? It’s not the customer!
  • FedEx looking for delivery density
  • Availability of FedEx Small Parcel Pickup service: metro vs rural areas
  • What will the US Postal Service do?
  • Retailers telling e-commerce customers to not bother returning purchases
  • Value threshold for returns
  • Using third parties to manage returns
  • Customer expectations on returns
  • Processing of returns - including reselling, repackaging, and the tertiary market
  • Is Walmart pushing Amazon to raise the bar further?
  • What USPS and UPS are doing in returns - especially with regard to Amazon
  • Amazon Hub lockers and returns
  • Environmental aspects of e-commerce returns

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