BONUS: #ENTRYLEVELBOSS Author Alexa Shoen on How the Rich are Taking Advantage of COVID-19, Why She’ll Never be One of “The Marketing Girls”, and the Networking Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make.


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You know how leftovers can sometimes be the best bit of a gutsy meal? Well, it’s the same with podcasts - there’s always rich pickings in the editing process, and they’re just too good not to share. I simply had to make a delicious bite-sized episode for familiar voice Alexa Shoen, Author of #ENTRYLEVELBOSS and internet career guru - Alexa gave me so much insightful content, I couldn’t fit it into the usual hour. In this bitesize episode, Alexa and I talk about economic insecurity during the COVID-19 crisis, the differences between how Europe and America have handled the pandemic, and the real problem of corporate trophy wives - the perfect 18-minute coffee-break interlude for the middle of your working day.
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