BONUS: Andrea Gamson on the Ethics of Paid Charity CEOs, What a ‘Monk Day’ is, and Why Eating Out Should be a Ritual Rather than Routine.


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You know how leftovers can sometimes be the best bit of a gutsy meal? Well, it’s the same with podcasts - there’s always rich pickings in the editing process, and sometimes they’re too good not to share. I simply had to make a delicious bite-sized episode for Andrea Gamson, entrepreneur and winner of the WISE100 award. Andrea gave me so much brilliant content that I couldn’t cram it all into the first episode! Find out why Andrea believes social impact careers are universally underpaid, how small local businesses have really been at the forefront of innovation post COVID-19, and the impact mediation has had on her confidence and serenity.
Real, relatable, or downright wrong? We want to know!
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