#2 - PR Magician Kate Dinon on Why a Tiny Museum in Tasmania is Leading the Way for Brand Messaging, How Gratitude Should be a Corporate Value, and the Paradoxical Pleasure of Being Mistaken for the CEO’s Assistant.


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Publicist and tech start-up champion Kate Dinon has no qualms about keeping it real, with candid discussions of spicy topics from branding to breastfeeding in public. Listen as Kate and I unpack everything from why honesty is always the best policy and why Kate has serious work to do in diversity and inclusion for her own firm, Character + Distinction. Kate also opens up about her own MeToo moment, and why feminism has become a bit of a dirty word in some circles. Funny, candid and insightful, Kate and I agree that it’s time we stopped limiting ourselves by our own expectations - so download now, put the kettle on and get empowered!
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