#21 - Fortune 500 Leadership Consultant Lisa Kohn on Her Turbulent Childhood as a Cult Survivor, Battling with Addiction, and Her Journey to Forgiveness.


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There’s something unnerving about the phrase ‘mild cocaine habit’, but Lisa Kohn owns it. She opens up with me about the stories behind her latest book, 'To the Moon and Back: A Childhood Under the Influence in which she details her turbulent childhood and early adulthood as a cult survivor', and her battle with addiction. There’s so much in Lisa’s story that’s remarkable, from watching her mother be married at a mass wedding at Madison Square Garden, to snorting lines of coke with her father’s friend, the Judge. But Lisa’s story, despite the many twists and turns, is a human story at heart - a heroine’s journey in processing trauma and finding a path out of it to get on with life. Stuff we’ve all been through and stuff we’re all still trying to learn.
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