Goodbye, Tell It Like It Is. Hello, Power Done Differently!


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Ok, the cat’s out of the bag: Tell It Like It Is... is no more. But don’t worry, you'll still get your weekly dose of echo-chamber free conversations that keep you thinking for days to come. We’ve been on a sabbatical, learned a lot of things about ourselves and have come back more grown up, more nuanced, and ready to embrace our own power with a brand that matches that mission.
Power Done Differently will continue to platform underrepresented and outside the box voices in politics, finance, tech, education and business, but will explore more deeply how these women are redefining what power really means - away from the traditional tropes of ego and aggression. This is the antidote for all of those of you who, like me, are tired of watching white dudes in suits f*ck the world up. In this bonus episode, I sit down with my good friend and emerging Tick Tok star, Alexa Shoen, to talk about why I felt the podcast was in need of a makeover, and how Power Done Differently is advancing an urgently needed alternative narrative about power -- why women should pursue it, how it can be achieved, and how it can be used to change everything for the better.

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