My Gratitude Letter to Bonnie D. Stroir - A Very Special 100th Episode (The Puppy Talk and Leadership Lessons)


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To celebrate our very special 100th episode, I am giving an audio letter of gratitude to Bonnie D. Stroir. She inspired me on my path to becoming a better athlete, teammate, leader, and human being.
I met Bonnie D. Stoir in 2013 about a month before she retired from roller derby after skating and coaching for over a decade. Bonnie D. Stroir was the first full time traveling roller derby coach and she spread her lessons all over the world, but it was more than just skating. It was about bettering yourself as a person in interpersonal communication and conflict management, treating yourself with compassion and improving your ability to learn, and developing leadership skills to inspire others and pulling the greatest potential out of the people you lead. In this episode, along with my sincere thanks, I am sharing lessons I learned from her that made the biggest impact on developing myself and others over the years to become as awesome as we could be in one lifetime.
When we met, I was at a crossroads in my derby career and wasn't sure if I'd make it another season. She opened my eyes to new ways of leading, communicating, and learning that gave me hope for the future again. If our paths hadn't crossed, I don't know if this podcast would exist.

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