How Dave Levine Turned a Simple E-Commerce Niche Into a Multi-Million Dollar Brand


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Discover how our guest Dave Levine build a 150 million dollar Discover how our guest Dave Levine build a 150 million dollar E-commerce business that's still growing more than 20 years later. And, the $70 lesson that's cost him millions.

Dave shares with our hosts Stormie Andrews & De 'Borah Fortune Stott his 3 no-brainer money principles and how he's mastered his craft by teaching. the power in building a life not company."

Dave also shares his new passion and money journey with Cryptocurrency and teaching children to understand the value of financial wellness.

Don't miss these invaluable lesson... Remember, Success leaves clues! Dave's Tips:

* If you want to master your skills start by teaching *

* Learn the definitive difference between being an Investor and an Entrepreneur.

* Leaders are Readers... ` The Warren Buffet effect.




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