Motivational Minute with Libra Forde: Episode 99


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Welcome the New Year with a Much Needed “Motivational Minute” with Libra Forde

Libra Forde on New Year’s resolutions, motivation during WFH, thoughts on job-losses and more!!!

As a way to bid one of the worst years in recent history farewell and provide a mental shift to the new start that will hopefully be 2021, I interviewed Libra Forde in honor of PR Talk’s 99th (!!!!) episode. There couldn’t be a more fitting interviewee for the momentous occasion of kicking 2020 in the ass (however, already providing a mental shift, watch Libra’s video, F_ck 2020...really?) and welcoming 2021 with Libra’s ever-popular “Motivational Minute” videos.

Libra happens to be the COO of one of Portland’s hallmark nonprofits, Self Enhancement, Inc., which guides underserved youth and families in our area. However, that’s not why I interviewed her. During these coronavirus times, I have gotten obsessed with the “Motivational Minute” videos Libra’s posted to her @BeTallLibra Facebook page well before the doldrums of 2020 caught up with us.

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